- AI-powered Transcription and Translation
Introduction: is an AI-powered tool that provides transcription and translation services in real time with support for multiple languages. Product Information

What is ? is designed to enhance your productivity with its seamless transcription and translation capabilities. Whether it's for business meetings, educational sessions, or freelancer-client interactions, ensures that language is never a barrier. It supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, and French, and integrates effortlessly with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams.'s Core Features

AI-Powered Transcription

Real-time Translation

Multilingual Support's Use Cases


Transcribing meetings for businesses.


Providing real-time translation in educational webinars.


Assisting freelancers with client communication.'s Pricing

Free: Limited to 30 minutes of transcription per month.

Premium: $9.99/month for unlimited transcription and translation.

FAQ from

Does support multiple languages?

Yes, supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, and French.

Can be integrated with other platforms? integrates seamlessly with most popular platforms including Slack and Microsoft Teams.