Veggie AI

Veggie AI: Generate controllable videos using AI
Create fully controllable videos and head top using Veggie AI by simply uploading your character photos, action videos, or inputting text prompts.
Veggie AI Product Information

What is Veggie AI ?

Utilize the capabilities of Veggie AI to upload your character photos, action videos, or input text prompts to create fully controllable videos.

Veggie AI's Core Features

Generate controllable videos using AI

Four creation methods: mix, animate, ideate, and stylize

Veggie AI's Use Cases


Create marketing videos


Educational content


Social media content

Veggie AI's Pricing

Basic $9.90 / 100 Credits

Standard $19.90 / 300 Credits

Unlimited Use $99.00 / Unlimited Credits

FAQ from Veggie AI

What is Veggie AI?

Veggie AI is an online tool that leverages AI technology to generate controllable videos. Users can input images, videos, or text prompts to create short videos that perfectly match the provided actions and character descriptions. It is user-friendly and can be used by anyone without any prior knowledge of AI.

Does Veggie AI support batch processing?

Currently, Veggie AI primarily handles single video generation. If you have a batch processing need, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] , and we will provide a solution based on your specific requirements.

What formats does Veggie AI support for input materials?

Veggie AI supports common image formats such as JPEG and PNG, as well as standard video formats like MP4. Please ensure the uploaded materials are clear and of high quality to achieve the best results.

What types of content can Veggie AI process?

Veggie AI can process various types of input, including images, videos, and text prompts. Whether it's a photo of a real person, an anime character, or a descriptive text, Veggie AI can transform it into a dynamic video.

Is Veggie AI free?

Veggie AI does not offer a free trial. To use the service, you need to purchase credits. For pricing details, please visit our website.

Can I choose the style of the generated video?

Yes. After uploading your materials, you can input a few simple prompt words to describe the desired style, resulting in a video that matches your specifications.

How long does it take to generate a video with Veggie AI?

The generation process usually takes only a few minutes. We use efficient AI technology to ensure users quickly receive high-quality videos.

Can the videos generated by Veggie AI be used commercially?

Yes. Users can use the generated videos for personal and commercial purposes, such as social media, marketing materials, and advertisements.

How is the quality of the generated videos ensured?

Veggie AI uses the most advanced AI technology and deep learning algorithms to ensure that the generated videos closely resemble the original inputs while maintaining a high level of detail and artistic quality.

What devices does Veggie AI support?

Veggie AI is an online tool that supports all internet-connected devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Can I edit the generated videos afterward?

Yes. After downloading the generated videos, users can use any video editing software to further modify and personalize them.

What if I am not satisfied with the generated video?

We are committed to providing high-quality service. If users are not satisfied with the generated video, they can contact customer support at [email protected] , and we will do our best to help resolve the issue and improve the user experience.

Does Veggie AI provide refunds?

Veggie AI does not offer refunds. If you encounter any issues or need assistance, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] , and we will do our best to assist you.